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Who am I?

I'm Amanda Francisco, a sustainability and strategy consultant based in the Netherlands. Although I'm Brazilian, I've mastered a Dutch course at level B1. After graduating from the MA Environmental Sciences, Environmental Policy Group at Wageningen University, I started my career in Sustainability consultancy.

My experience ranges from sustainability design and strategy, commodities value chains 

stakeholder management and engagement, compliance affairs and advocacy work. 

My consultancy therefore broadly focuses on clients with sustainability as a pillar, wanting to drive change through tangible strategies and develop innovative partnerships, 

"From envisioning to materializing, my goal is to drive sustainable transitions." 



Business Objective

My main goal is to develop innovative ways of promoting alignment between businesses, social accountability and environmental responsibility. 

In a nutshell, I provide strategic advice to organizations on putting in place more effective governance practices. I'm an advocate for sustainable development strategies and have developed expertise in the SDGs, CSR, ESG, circular economy, sustainable transitions, supply chains, compliance, and stakeholder engagement.

Work References

Carlos Alho

Environmental Researcher Water & Food @Wageningen University

“Amanda has a strong client-oriented approach to solve sustainability issues. Her strongest characteristic is her ability to make sure that a pleasant working environment is well set to get work done quickly and effectively. She is proactive to share her ideas and communicates clearly. Amanda is very approachable, and she makes sure that all parts are well comprehended so answers are found in a collaborative way. I really appreciated working with Amanda, and I hope we will continue working together in future projects.”

Dimitrios Vlachopoulos

Program Manager Edtech for Social Change @Digital Society School

"I have had the pleasure to collaborate with Amanda in a teaching innovation project, which involved the conceptualization and design of sustainable educational escape rooms. Apart from her expertise in sustainability and environmental issues, Amanda has managed to be successful and productive in a context of constant change, demonstrating adaptability and resilience. She is also trustworthy and did her best for the success of her team, having always a positive attitude. No matter how tense a meeting, Amanda made sure she had a smile for everyone."

Amanda Francisco

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