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To address awareness of consumers, I work on bringing more transparency and sustainability to supply chains. The aim is to create value from adding sustainable measures to organisations' operations (ESG).


By co-designing sustainable strategies, aligning sustainability impact in your corporate setting, and analysing bottlenecks and barriers of sustainability plans, I support you in creating sustainable change.

Taxonomy Rating

Sustainability Advisor for the promotion of greener investments. 

Sustainability Rating

Project Leader and Data Analyst for the development of Sustainability Standards and KPIs.


Coordinator for the Amsterdam Sustainable Cocoa Conference and Chocolate Makers Forum 2021.

Precious Plastic Santa Maria

Sustainable strategies in the plastic circular economy.

Digital Society School

Sustainability strategy and design approach for an educational escape room.

Food Waste

Exploring elements in an intervention to effectively reduce food waste with students in the Regio FoodValley, Netherlands. 

Amanda Francisco

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